BBs and Breath Mints: Tips and Tricks for Sewing

I’m cleaning out my office/craft room today. So this is a hodge podge post. I’m always in search a better notion to add to my collection. I was at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado this summer and picked up a handmade glass paperweight to use as a pattern weight. Pretty and practical!

My husband had a tin of mints from CIBO Express (an airport shop). It holds 1.1 oz of mints and was just the right size for a pattern weight. The great thing about this tin is that it does not accidentally come apart to spill the contents. I filled it with BBs using a funnel. Now I just need to find similar tins! I plan to tape the cover with washi tape or some other decorative decal to prevent little hands from opening it. Any other tins that might be a good alternative? Let me know!

My 7 year old puts holes in his jeans all the time. I’m tired of buying new jeans. Today, I put patches on patches! The first patches I used were from Iron Patches. They can be found here. They were easy to place and have survived multiple washings and none of the edges have curled up. This time, I used Dritz patches and they are ok but but the first patch did not adhere well at all. I’m hoping that they survive the wash. I’m definitely going to buy more of the Iron Patches.


I’ve also done some thrift shopping and found this $8.99 BCBGmaxazria dress. It looks like it is cut on the bias and I liked the flounce at the bottom. Unfortunately because I’m so short, the dress practically touched the floor! So I got out my Babylock Imagine and shortened it.

I love how easily my Babylock can deal with a variety of fabrics. My last project was narrow hemming washcloths. It easily handled the polyester chiffon type fabric for a rolled hem. I trimmed off 3.5 inches while simultaneously making a rolled hem.


I have been experimenting with the YLI Woolly Thread that I purchased for the washcloths.I used it for the lower loopers. Then used a light pink for upper thread and a darker pink for the upper loopers as you can see in the image. It worked great. What a beautiful and clean professional looking finish to the edge of the dress. No one will ever know, except you, that I altered it. img_6192Settings for the rolled hem: Right Needle, Stitch Length-1.5 (rolled hem), Stitch Width-3.5 (small number), and Stitch Selector D with N for differential feed. If you notice, I got tired of having to review in the manual which knob was stitch length and stitch width, so I wrote it on the knobs. Not pretty, but practical.img_6193

What’s your favorite notion? I want to add it to my collection! Happy Sewing!

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