New Craft/Sewing Table and Vogue 100 Dress Begins!

I got a craft/sewing table from my husband for my birthday! He used two Ikea Kallax Shelves back to back and then attached them to a plywood base. He then attached casters to the bottom. I found a table top on craigslist for $10 and he cut it down to fit and screwed it to the top. It has plenty of room for fabric and my sewing supplies. So happy to have it and it is just the right height for me to stand and cut!


I’m also in the middle of my Vogue 100 dress. I’m using my old Singer 201-2 for the project. It sews so easily through the silk and doesn’t snag it. The silk is my $4/yd muslin. So far I have basted the folds on the front bodice, but I do not know what I should do after it’s completed. The instructions aren’t very clear. If I take the basting out, I might loose the folds. Anyone have experience with this type of feature in a dress? Leave the basting in? Replace with other blind stitches behind?

I have had to alter the waist wider and also shorten the skirt by quite a bit. In addition, I adjusted the neckline making it slightly narrower. Hopefully I will be able to complete this project soon.


On a more practical note, I had some old towels that were quite ragged on the edges so I used my serger to make them into washcloths. For the first time, I used Woolly Nylon thread in the upper and lower loopers. I cut them to size using my 12.5″ quilters’ square. Setting for my Babylock Imagine serger was 3.5 mm stitch width and 1.5 stitch length. It gave them a nice finish. Pay no attention to the mismatched color threads (the other side is cream thread). Waste not, want not! Anyone have a preference for a similar thread to Woolly nylon.

washcloth has some really nice fabrics on clearance again. I am particularly interested in the Liberty of London Tana Lawn which ranges from 40-63% off. I’m so tempted!! Here is the link if you are interested in taking a look.

Hope you all are having a great Fall so far!


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