Silk Jersey from Mood! First Project for 2015–Vogue Couturier 188

I have finally gotten to my sewing room after Christmas and New Year’s and recovering from a nasty cold. One of the great things about having a blog is that you all keep me accountable when it comes to sewing projects. If I mention a project, I feel obligated to finish it. So my first project this year will be Vogue Couturier 188. I really like the front bodice drape. The pattern recommends thin wool, challis, wool crepe. None of which I have in my stash.

IMG_2753I do have some Thai silk that is lightweight and should work (I hope). It is printed with yellow green flowers on a green and dark purple background. I will also line it with purple ambiance lining. The pattern is a size 12 with a bust of 32, waist 25, and hip of 34 inches. I’m closer to a 33-27-34.5. So I will have to make some alterations to the pattern, especially at the waist. I’ve noticed that some people add to the sides for width and others just eliminate the darts or make them smaller. I don’t know what would be the best way to make the alteration. Any suggestions?

Here is a picture of the fabric with the lining that I have chosen. Kind of an unusual color but I think it will work for this dress.

IMG_2752I will probably make a muslin of at least the bodice. I have also noticed that the sleeves are quite snug so will need to make adjustments for my not slim arms.

Going to share some pictures of my most recent fabric purchases. I’ll just count them as my Christmas presents.

I got this JudyCook reviewed her Style Arc Kate dress on I just had to get the same fabric! IMG_2755

The second stretch ITY jersey is also from and was only $2.99/yard. I think it is out of stock. I am going to make something similar to the Undress. A clever idea but not willing to pay $75 for it.IMG_2754

I’ll be modifying New Look 6291.

New Look 6291

I have been searching for silk jersey for forever so I called Mood in LA and New York since they didn’t have much printed silk jersey online. I spoke to Misha in LA and George in New York. Misha emailed me photos and George sent me swatches. It was not a speedy process but I was not in a hurry and after a couple weeks of email correspondence, I got a couple packages!! The black and white print I received from Mood LA. I was told that it was from the DVF collection and it was $35/yard. I don’t usually pick lime green but it was such a funky color I decided to get it from Mood New York. It was $25/yard. Yikes, I know this is the most I have ever spent on fabric per yard. Not sure I will do it again, but the fabric does feel so buttery smooth. In case you are thinking of purchasing from Mood, shipping was around $15-$18 per package. I justify that by the fact that I will probably never make the trek to Mood New York. Thanks Misha and George! I am definitely going to make a wrap dress with collar with the black fabric. Not sure yet what to do with the lime green. Jumpsuit maybe? IMG_2750

Here’s another random thing. I have also been shopping for pajamas and found BedHead pajamas made out of Liberty of London Tana Lawn. They look comfy. Not sure they are worth $76.99 though and that’s more than half price! Hope you all are staying warm. A few days ago we had -26 degree weather. It was ridiculous. Have a great new year!!

Liberty of London

2 thoughts on “Silk Jersey from Mood! First Project for 2015–Vogue Couturier 188

  1. Fun fabric! I have seen a lot I liked from Mood in NY, but I am hesitant to order fabric over the internet, it’s a touch thing for me;). Happy sewing!

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