Merry Christmas!! Partly Finished Style Arc Kate and Calligraphy

In November, I attended a “Word Pictures” workshop given by Timothy Botts. I have always been interested in how to turn my calligraphy into art. This was my project that I completed that day. The lettering was done with a Speedball C-1, gouache, and Holbein pearl gold.

I Can Do All Things

I don’t think that I will get my Style Arc Kate dress complete before Christmas. Here are a few pictures so far with unfinished sleeves and hem.

IMG_1787Since it is lightweight jersey from, I’m planning on shortening the sleeves. I don’t think it was the best weight for a wrap dress, but I will still wear it. It fits pretty well but it seems that the side seam slit was a little lower than it should have been. I wish the skirt was just a little fuller since it would help give the illusion of a waist. I should have added width to the waistline. I used a size 6 pattern and shortened the dress by 3.5 inches. This is the first time I have used a Style Arc pattern. Seam allowance is 1/4 inch except for the neckline which is 3/8 inch.

I used Vilene bias tape and elastic tape along the neckline. I also finished the skirt portion similar to a DVF wrap dress. I added a strip of tricot interfacing and to the edges. Then I opened it up and stitched the sash as shown below.


Left is the strip of fabric for edge of skirt with tricot interfacing



Stitching fabric and interfacing to the neckline along finished edge. Then turned to the inside. Neckline was then topstitched.


Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!


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