Two-Tone Singlet by Teach Me Fashion

A few months ago, I was invited by Harrison at Teach Me Fashion to make the Two-Tone Singlet. It is a free pattern being offered. Check it out.  I promised I would but life kind of got complicated. So with a long delay, here it is. IMG_1778 The fabric was given to me many years ago by my mother-in-law who purchased it probably in India. Most likely a polyester blend that has a nice drape. It is several yards long because it is meant for a sari. It frays like crazy. Every time I sew, I learn how to improve. To prevent fraying, I used Fray Check directly along the cut line of the pieces of fabric BEFORE I cut along the line. It worked perfectly. As for the size that I used, I made a quick and dirty muslin of just the top front, side pieces and top back. I initially was going to sew the XS because my bust is 33″. However, with the muslin, I found that I did not have much ease at the bust. I think that it was because I was using a 5/8″ allowance which is slightly larger than 1.5 cm. So I decided to use the horizontal measurements for S and keep the vertical measurement the same. Which worked just fine, except that underarm was just a little snug. If I would do it again, I would probably deepen the armhole. One other alteration is that I pinched out a little bit from the front armhole because it was gaping. So you will see that the front block is not exactly 90 degree angle. I also would enlarge the neckline. I can barely put my head through it. It is a “don’t put your makeup on first” top. The instructions were pretty clear especially since there was a video tutorial. Please make sure if you are using a 5/8″ allowance that you mark all you corners carefully. Do not mark according to the pattern pieces, especially for the square corners. I did not feel that the instructions for binding the armhole and neckline was clear. In the instruction it says to pin the bias bind onto the seam allowance line. But in the video it shows her placing the bias bind a little inside the seam allowance line. There is not a specific measurement on how wide the binding should be after it is sewn in. So I just guessed on mine. I also mitered my binding. I just left plenty of room on either side to be able to sew the 45 degree angle. IMG_1775 IMG_1779 IMG_1781 Overall a nice pattern to learn technique sewing square corners. This would be difficult to alter since it does not have a side seam at the bust. Thanks Teach Me Fashion for sending it my way! I also was able to put together a twin size quilt for my son. I used a 10 inch layer cake, 5 inch charm pack, and jelly roll from the Moda Simply Style Collection. At first, I had chosen a different pattern but then thought why cut these pieces of fabric into even smaller pieces? IMG_2562 Looks like it will be getting chilly here in Northern Colorado. Hope you all are staying warm!!

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