Ohhh Baby Quilt!

I haven’t made a quilt in forever!! Time for baby quilt! A friend of mine is due this Friday, so checked my stash for fabric that would work with her lavender baby theme. I had everything already at home and didn’t have to make a run to the fabric store.

I signed up for a Craftsy.com Free Motion Quilting class and this was the perfect opportunity to practice. Thankfully, I stitched in the ditch for most of the quilting so all the uneven stitching was not as noticeable. All those imperfections make it more special right? I really like that cuddly rosette fabric that I used for the backing.

The log cabin square and the mariner’s compass were languishing in my stash. At one time I was going to make a quilt for my bedroom which has not happened (not going to say never!). They were perfect for this quilt. I used foundation piecing method to make the mariner’s compass square.  For another square, I made one was similar to this free topiary tiles quilt pattern.  The quilt is made up of 12 inch squares with the borders added to make a quilt that was 30 x 36 inches.

Instead of hand sewing the binding, I used this tutorial for machine binding. It made sense and it was pretty easy. I used a 1/4 inch allowance using 2.5 inch strip folded in half. This made the border stitching about a half an inch.  Next time I will use a wider allowance for the binding so that it will be more even on front and back similar to the tutorial.

Happy sewing!

IMG_2272 IMG_2273


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