In Search of Perfect Wrap Dress–Vogue 1549 DVF Dress

After I made Vogue 8379, I fell in love with the simplicity of the wrap dress. It can be casual AND sophisticated. I discovered the existence of Vogue 1549 Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress pattern and was able to win it on eBay. This year happens to be the 40th anniversary of the DVF wrap dress.

Vogue 1549

Vogue 1549

140808_home_05 140808_home_04140808_home_02

My pattern was size 10. I also made the scoop of the neck less deep by straightening the curve. I used a double bias strip instead of facing for the bodice. So it looked similar to the DVF bodice pictured below. I moved most of the bust dart by enlarging the gathered area below the bust. The remainder of the bust dart was just eased to fit the back side seam. Next time, I will just take out the bust dart all together. But how? It was not necessary for the knit material I was using. Any suggestions on how to remove darts when using knit for a pattern meant for woven material. I’ve googled but have not found a definitive answer.


Shortened Bodice Front


Altered pattern with smaller bust dart with remaining bust width moved to gathered area below bust.

I initially planned to do the collar and french cuffs. However, when I started to iron the tricot interfacing to the middle edge of skirt, my iron melted a hole the polyester jersey. I was so annoyed. Thankfully, I had just enough fabric to cut another skirt piece. I’m calling this my wearable muslin. What did I expect? I only paid $16 for 4 yards of clearance material at Jo-Ann Fabric. I’m in search of silk jersey! The DVF dress fabric feels so soft and buttery.

Realizing the fabric was not worth risking melting collar and sleeves, I simply made it a 3/4 sleeve and doubled over the edge and topstitched. I would likely shorten the width of the collar and cuffs when I do make a dress with them. I would also narrow the sleeve width.

I shortened the skirt from the hem by 6 3/4 inches. For the skirt, I extended the middle vertical edge by 2 1/2 inches and then folded it over so I didn’t have a separate facing with additional bulk. The belt was quite wide so I narrowed them to match the more current version of DVF Julian wrap dress (nope, I didn’t pay full price. Yikes!).

Shortened skirt from hem

Shortened skirt with addition 2 1/2 inches to fold over instead of facing


Here are pictures of DVF Julian dress to compare. I am wearing a size 4.

140808_home_06 140808_home_07 IMG_1696 IMG_1694IMG_1695 IMG_1692

Unfortunately, because I used red tracing paper, the dots and markings on the inside did not wash out. Lesson learned! I will still wear it because if people notice it, they are looking too closely!

I can’t believe summer is already over. School has begun! Yay! Not sure who is happier–the kids or parents.


Now in search of another project!





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