Adding to My Stash – had a Sale

When my parents were here to help me recover from surgery, Mom brought me silk fabric from Thailand. I don’t know what to do with it yet. IMG_1614 I’m considering making Simplicity 2724 with the ruffles but don’t know if that would be too busy having the print fabric on top. .photo 2 I’m also tempted to start putting together my Vogue Couturier 100 dress. It is such a beautiful dress. I saw a beautiful version of this dress here. Don’t know what fabric I would use. photo 1 A couple weeks ago had a sale on supplies. I do not really need any more fabric but I have a hard time stepping away when I see a good sale. I have not made a quilt in a long time but I cannot seem to resist jelly rolls, charm packs, fat quarters and the like. All the cute fabrics in tidy little packages. So I got 3 Amy Butler Midwest Modern fat quarter bundles, Amy Butler Stash fat quarter bundle, and a Moda Jelly Bean Batiks charm pack. Now, I just need to find a quilt pattern! I like the more modern looking quilt designs. IMG_1607 I have been cutting out 60 degree diamonds using my scrap fabric. I was having a terrible time with my template sliding with my rotary cutter. I was trying to push as hard as I could to hold it in place, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. So I googled it and someone suggested dabbing nail polish on the template and then sprinkling with salt to give it more traction. I changed my blade and tried the nail polish trick and it seemed to work. I’m not convinced it’s the best way though. I’m going to try rubber cement next. IMG_1611IMG_1613 I also made a rice shoulder wrap. This was the tutorial that I used. My dimensions were not the same, but similar. Next time, I would make the back portion wider to cover more area. It’s nice to pop it in the microwave and have it be so warm and relaxing on my shoulders. Might make some as gifts this Christmas. IMG_1605 My husband had a birthday and since he didn’t want cake, I made him a Mile-High Apple Pie. I started out with 5.5 lbs of apples. My daughter helped me with the peeling slicing gizmo, which made it a lot easier than doing it by hand. Apple pie I have decided that I won’t be making the coat to Vogue Couturier 1670. So I have put it on eBay. Although the coat looks fabulous, it just wasn’t very practical. Here is a snapshot of me in the dress. I wish the detail on the front yoke was more visible. I also noticed on the front that part of the embroidery is missing. Good thing it’s a wearable muslin. I took in the side seams of the upper part to make the total seam allowance 3/4 inches to get rid of some of the generous ease. The dress is just a touch short which I didn’t notice until I sat down. I’ll make my next one an inch or two longer. IMG_1584 I was home for 6 weeks and have been back at work for about 2 weeks now. Nice to be back in the swing of things. Thankful that I am healthy enough to be at work.  photo I saw this and I just couldn’t resist. Story of my life right now. Hope you all are having a great week.

2 thoughts on “Adding to My Stash – had a Sale

  1. Wow, so many lovely projects! Thanks for the link to the shoulder wrap. I’ve been thinking about making one. My shoulders will love it 🙂
    I am going to have to repost your lemon pictures. How cute!! Thanks for an early morning chuckle :)))

    • That shoulder wrap is great! I usually don’t put mine in for more than 2 minutes. Any longer and it would probably start smoking. Glad the pictures made you laugh. I still smile thinking of it.

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