Sewing Webbing…My Bernina couldn’t do it and my Singer can

I have tried numerous times in the past to use Upholstery Home Dec thread and have failed. My Bernina 1080 always left a tangled mess on the wrong side of the fabric. Yesterday, my husband was trying to sew a belt that was made out of thick webbing. The Bernina 830 had the same issues. I decided to try using my Singer machines. On the Singer 201-2 and 15-91, the #18 needle went through fine, but the tension was wrong on the underside using the upholstery thread. When I used regular thread, tension was ok but the thread would shred after going about 5 inches.

I searched the internet and found this link about thread nests and bobbin tension. It was very helpful and this morning I decided to give it a try. Using my 15-91, I increased the upper thread tension dial to 7. Then I loosened the bobbin tension until the bobbin would drop an inch and a half with drop test. Presto! A satisfactory stitch.


Singer 15-91

I used a Schmetz Universal 110/18 needle with Upholstery Home Dec thread.

Thread and Needle


Double-thick webbing is less than 1/4 inch and front and back stitching

Since the stitching is difficult to see, here is the sample using denim.


Top Stitching and Bottom Stitching through 8 layers of Denim

The Singer 15-91 has now been designated as my husband’s outdoor/heavy material sewing machine.

I tried making fudge this holiday season. Twice. One recipe I used chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. It was easy and the kids loved it. The second time I used Martha Stewart’s recipe which was more complicated and at first it did not want to turn from glossy to dull matte. So I put it back into the pan and began to reheat it and it almost immediately started to harden and crystallize. It was a crumbly mess. I still ate most of it because it was delicious. Anyone have any suggestions? Or a great homemade fudge recipe?

Hope you all are having a great year so far!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Webbing…My Bernina couldn’t do it and my Singer can

  1. With all that the new machines promise, sometimes we just need to go back to the original work horse. My mom has that Singer and boy would I love to get my hands on it.

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