About those Christmas Outfits… and Sale at Craftsy.com

I did actually do some sewing for this year’s Christmas card. I made my daughter’s pants using a vintage pattern and jersey knit. My husband’s pants were flare bottom women’s scrubs that were altered by taking in at the hips and thighs. My son’s pants were altered the same way. His silver shirt was made from an XL women’s shirt. I shortened the sleeves and cut the front and back so the buttons were still in down the center and kept the collar and cuffs. I set the sleeves in newly shaped armscyes which caused them to be gathered and puffy. My sequined top was adjusted at the top, shortened a the bottom, and taken in at the sides. Gathered portion on bottom of daughter’s shirt was cut off and then 3 inches removed from body of shirt and then serged the gathered part back on.


There is a sale at Craftsy.com. I was particularly interested in the quilting fabric. Some of the items were 33-60% off. I got an Amy Butler Belle jelly roll and Moda Sunnyside jelly roll.

5564_amy-butler-dr-belle-1374512977445 product_4230_moda-jr-sunnyside-1381867068244

I have also been working on a jumpsuit muslin. Here it is.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


I don’t know about you, but whenever I do a muslin, I am always disappointed with how it looks and feel like maybe I should just call it a wadder now.

So, this obviously is needing some help. I already adjusted the darts in the bodice to the correct level of my bust. The crotch is not deep enough. You can see in the side and back view that I need a little more length. So should I just add length to the whole bodice? Or should I just alter at the crotch? Something funny with the hips too. Too heavy looking. I think that I will need to take in more at the waist with the darts too. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I haven’t had a chance to work on it for a while. Christmas was spent in the hospital doing a 24 hour call. We did celebrate the season with family Christmas eve and the day after Christmas. I made cream puffs for Christmas eve dessert. Just in case you were wondering, unsweetened almond milk works great for homemade chocolate pudding and rice milk in my vanilla pudding did not. Frozen cream puffs toast up great in the toaster oven for a post workout treat! Happy Holidays and hope you have a productive New Year!


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