To Sew or Not to Sew–and Do Taxes Instead

I should be working on my taxes. I have several projects that I would like to do. Since I can’t decide, I did some mindless sewing and made scrub hats. I sell them on and at work.
Ever since I saw Goodbye Valentino’s Ice Cream Social dress, I have wanted one for my very own. I even snagged the pattern off of eBay and found a couple more. 20130225-090008.jpg20130225-090228.jpg

20130225-090408.jpg I just need to decide which one. I’ll put them back on eBay when I’m done with them. As for fabric, I would like to use silk from my stash. Limiting factor is the amount of fabric needed for those bias ruffles (about 5yrds for project). I have a retro jumpsuit pattern that I want to do also in possibly blue silk.

20130225-091807.jpg My husband wants me to make it retro and use this fabric from I’ve ordered it but I’m not convinced.

I also have more piña fabric. This time I would like to make a sleeveless dress with a gathered or pleated skirt. I will use the bodice of this Burda shift. My inspiration is this Burda dress.

20130225-095856.jpg I will use purple iridescent Thai silk that shimmers dark fuschia for a sheath dress underneath the piña fabric. I can also wear the sheath separately.

20130225-102124.jpg Yesterday, we got quite the snow storm with about 9 or so inches. I had to do the shoveling three times after my regular work out (forgot about the snow). More ice cream for me! I took kids sledding, too.

I better work on my taxes. Hope you are all staying warm and cozy!

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