The Pillow Pet Must Go!

My son turned 4 years old on Saturday. He has a Pillow Pet that he sleeps with every night and I got tired of having to wash the thing. One of his favorite movies is Toy Story (the other is Cars). So I made a Toy Story Alien pillowcase with leftover minky fabric and fleece.

Toy Story Alien Pillowcase

Toy Story Alien Pillowcase

The flannel eyes and mouth are appliqued with a blanket stitch. It has a satin stitch smile. The ears have batting and the antenna is stuffed with polyfill. It has a snap in the back.

I also made a duvet cover for his big boy bed. Purchased a wall hanging panel from The cover is 68″ x 86″ and made with cotton quilting fabric, repurposed queen size sheets, and fabric from his crib skirt.

Crib Skirt

I put a 3 inch border of stripes around the panel so that it would still coordinate somewhat with his valance. I thought about attaching a binding to the edge of the duvet cover and was experimenting with the binder attachment from my Singer 15-91. Using the low shank adapter on my Bernina 1080, I was able to use it pretty easily. I decided to leave it off to get it done sooner. It would have been a pain to cut short bias strips out of the striped fabric and joining them. Here is the binder and samples.Singer Binder Attachment IMG_1265IMG_1264IMG_1261IMG_1259

Bernina #14 Zipper Foot With Guide

I put a zipper on the bottom using my Bernina #14 Foot with guide which I just discovered among my feet! I’ve struggled with zippers making my topstitching straight and this worked like a charm. Highly recommend. I did not want to purchase a new twin size comforter so I stuffed it with a full size comforter instead.

Toy Story Pillowcase and Duvet Cover

Toy Story Pillowcase and Duvet Cover

I saw the Simplicity 5514 Spotty Shift. It was perfect for the pina fabric that I have in my stash. I needed a simple silhouette because of all the embroidery. It’s still in the early stages, because of the holidays and we have all been sick. Kids are fomites bringing every germ home with them. I’m going to have to shorten it quite a bit. It almost goes to my ankles.


I finally had my cymbidium rebloom after 3+ years. CymbidiumsHope this finds you all healthy and happy!

4 thoughts on “The Pillow Pet Must Go!

  1. You are just the best mom!! Such a great duvet and pillow. I am very jealous about your beautiful blooming orchid though. I have had the worst luck with orchids. Maybe I am not patient enough, who knows?! Yours is absolutely beautiful.

    • Thanks Rhonda! I think I lucked out with my cymbidium. I guess this year it got enough sun and the temp dipped down enough on the window sill to make it spike. Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis) are easier since they don’t need as much light. Most people tend to overwater and the roots rot. Not my problem since I forget to water. Then the leaves sometimes look a little deformed.

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