Corduroy and Silk Refashion

Joined the Refashion Contest. So I already posted the corduroy dress that I purchased from the thrift store. I made a dress for my daughter using the bodice pattern from Simplicity 3978. I used silk fabric for the collar and a purchased sash. I took the sleeves from the dress and eased them in and they were the perfect length!

I did not have enough fabric to pleat like the pattern and used ribbon instead. Don’t look too close I forgot to pay attention to how the flowers were going to line up. I used fusible webbing that comes in a roll to stick the ribbon on before sewing it down. That way there aren’t any wrinkles or crooked sewing. I will probably put two snaps on the sash to snap onto center of bodice so that it does not ride up.

On the right back (picture too dark to see it) there is a faint outline of a pocket that used to be on the front of original dress. I hate it when I cut two pieces of the same side instead of mirror images. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson this second time! I also saved all the buttons for some future project.


I think I’m going to bake some bread tonight! Love Great Harvest bread! Did you know that they sell the cinnamon chips that they use in their Cinnamon Burst bread? I made half whole wheat bread a week ago with them. Image

Till Next Time!

2 thoughts on “Corduroy and Silk Refashion

  1. You are amazing. Love the dress, we need to meet up and talk sewing. My girls want to start up the sewing class we were doing last spring and I need a guest sewer…

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