More About My Dress Form and My Bad Habit of Thrift Shopping!

I just wanted to post a couple pictures of the dress form and the rigid foam. The foam is very lightweight and is made tiny air pockets. It was easy to file down and shape. I was also able to saw easily a straight line when I leveled the bottom. It is very easy to pin.

Also I wanted to add a close up picture of the rib knit and ribbon that I put on the form. You can see that pins define the line under the bust.

If anyone has other questions about the process, be sure to comment below.

Did I mention I like thrift shopping? I think I like the thrill of the hunt. Here is a Banana Republic Dress that was a couple sizes too big for me. E just raised his eyebrow when I put it on. I didn’t want to pay $30 to get a $7 dress altered and I was too lazy to take it apart and do it right. I just pinched out the excess in the back and put a seam down the center back while tapering to the waist. The zipper is on the side, otherwise I would have taken it in on the sides. I also added a waist stay using elastic (I didn’t have any petersham ribbon. Where would I get it?) and I cut off the hooks off of an old bra and reused them.

Here is a picture of me and my daughter. She is wearing a thrift shop find also. I did take hers in on the sides and shortened the straps.

Another favorite thrift shop find was this shirt that needed no alteration. Does need some type of camisole if I wore it for work. These days almost anything goes.

Which one is not like the others? I got these today. The maroon dress will be upcycled into a dress for my daughter. I found a lovely black guipure lace jacket that fits me perfectly. I picture it over a Mad Men type silk sheath dress. The piggy bank is for my three year old son. Hopefully he won’t break it. Not too early to start teaching him the value of saving…

Till Next Time!!

2 thoughts on “More About My Dress Form and My Bad Habit of Thrift Shopping!

  1. I love your honesty about thrift store shopping. I plan on getting mens suites for my own jackets and slacks. Better material at a better price and enough to make a womans suit!

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