My Custom Dress Form-Penny! DIY Custom Dress Form Part 2

My Part 1 (Plaster mold tutorial, polyurethane foam details) is here.

As in Penny Pincher, since I was too cheap to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom dress form. My polyurethane foam dress form is finally done. E, my husband, cut the IV stand to size and made a wood platform for the form and now I have an adjustable stand!

If any of you are interested in making one of these, I highly suggest getting the instructional booklet from (Site is down. Not sure if temporary or permanent. 6/2013)

He took the wood block and attached it to the base of the wood form.Wood Base for Form with Dowels

Then we glued the form on top of wood base attached to shortened IV pole.

Dress Form on Base

Attaching Dress Form to Base

I then covered it with rib knit and pinned ribbon along waist and bust for guidelines.

Completed Dress Form Front

Completed Dress Form Back

Here is Penny clothed.

And a comparison picture of me in this Butterick 6067 dress that I made a while ago.

Hope you have found this useful. In retrospect, this project cost me about $100 in supplies but a lot more in labor. But I am thrilled with the resulting dress form and I don’t count hobby time. Nothing comes instantly. E has reminded me that things don’t happen “stat” at home when I say so (I’ve never said “stat!” at work either, though).

And now for something completely different, two of my orchids an oncidium (yellow) and dendrobium (pink) are flowering. They are the few plants that survive in my house, because I don’t water very often. Bonus is that the flowers last for a month or two. I prefer them over roses, they flower every year!



14 thoughts on “My Custom Dress Form-Penny! DIY Custom Dress Form Part 2

  1. I’m impressed. It looks great. Did you just buy the instruction manual from MY TWIN or the whole kit? Also, what did you use to for the finish cover – looks like a light grey jersey knit?

    • Thanks! I only bought the booklet. I collected the supplies myself. I saved quite a bit by not ordering kit. The foam doesn’t come with it. I don’t think my cost was over $100 including the foam, but you may need more foam so it would cost more. Plaster bandages were medical supply bandages not crafting plaster material purchased on eBay. I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics for 40% off. It is a jersey rib knit. I can post some close up pictures in my next entry.

    • Not sure what you mean Cheri. If you are looking for tips with sewing and are good sites as well as I hope this helps you.

  2. I so appreciate this post! Hubby and I just made a paper tape form (of me, not him….) and although it certainly has my shape, the final measurements were 2″ bigger at bust and waist. Bummer. So I’m researching the “my twin” method for a more accurate replica. Where did you get the foam? How much did you need? And did you find the plaster or foam stinky or abpversive in any other way? Thanks for sharing you hard-earned wisdom.

      • Thank God I found your blog! I was planning to make a dress form for my wife because the seamstress that used to make my wife’s gown went back to the Philippines and we do not know of anybody that can make her Traje de mestisa. In order to come up with one I need a dressform (copy of her). I saw the you tube video first them I saw your comment and I followed you from them and I found out that you did it, and you are very successful making it!!
        The IV stand was a stroke of Genius! Hope I can find one in my favorite store too!

    • A commenter on very first post said she was able to contact by email and order a book. Let me know if you try and are able to make contact. Best of luck. The only thing that I did different was instead of green soap sprayed inside cast. I used paste wax and silicone spray.

  3. I know this comment is really late but I would really love to know your opinion! For all the time, hard work, and money you put into this DIY dress form would you do it all over again, or would you rather buy a used dress form for the same amount of money you spent on this project (hypothetically)?

    Thanks so much, this project was such an inspiration to me, keep up the fabulous work!

    • Thank you for the comment! I am glad I have this dress form. It has been very useful for my projects and I am glad it is custom. In retrospect, glad I didn’t buy a dress form. However if I found a dress form that fit me as well as this one, I would have gotten it but those custom dress forms Wolfe are a bundle!

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