Just Got a Singer 15-91!

Got it last week! I was worried since I bought it off of Craigslist. The seller could not demonstrate a stitch. Fortunately after reading the manual line by line, I got it to make a beautiful even stitch! I got one after I heard that it could go through 8 layers of denim. My Berninas are great and I thought a heavy duty machine would be a great addition. E (my husband) said I’ll need a display case soon. I retorted he should make me one and I’ll fill it!

I don’t even know if it takes universal Schmetz needles. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear from you!



Sorry haven’t posted on my dress form. I have been on vacation so only the wood base for the dress form had been cut out. Not a great picture opportunity. Hope to have it done by this weekend!

Also baked a Mile High apple pie. Started with 5 1/2 pounds of organic apples. I did lose some apple due to bad spots, but it was still tall. Mile High Apple Pie is Martha Stewart’s recipe. I substituted minute tapioca instead of flour. It was delicious! E liked it so much he offered to help with the next one! Maybe I’ll make one for him after he gets my dress form stand done.


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